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In an effort to be as fastidious as possible, and to provide our guests with the best possible care, I want to explain how we use incontinency products.

Our residents are bathed or showered every morning and their incontinency garments are changed.  If needed for irritation or redness, we apply Sween Cream to the area.  After lunch they are also change.  At night, each guest is also washed, checked for any sign of irritation, and changed. Although linens are still washed daily, there is a tuckable put on each bed every night.

After assessing the needs of each resident, we set up a bowel and bladder program to help with incontinency.  By asking the individual on the hourly basis if they need either to urinate to deficate, and then taking them to the bathroom, it cuts down on accidents and helps keep the resident's sense of diginity.

To protect the living room furniture from wetness, odor, or possible leaking, we often use a tuckable.

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