Mom's Place - Residential Board and Care for Seniors

  • Wake-up and breafast times are on a flexible schedule
  • Catering to an individual's food preferences
  • Wholesome and nutritious choices at every meal, with a wide variety of juices, snacks, and drinks
  • Out of the ordinary behavior, not dangerous to other guests or care givers, is to be tolerated and noted
  • Guests are respectfully invited and encouraged, but not forced to participate in each of our activities
  • Warm hugs and holding are encouraged
  • Field trips for those able to participate
  • Daily bathing schedule times are negotiated whenever possible

Meeting your expectations of service

  • Transportation to doctor and dentist
  • Documentation of each resident's daily activities
  • Complete housekeeping and laundry service
  • Medication monitoring

Mom's Place minivan brings home the groceries and takes our residents out for rides.

  • Care for the incontinent
  • Mom's Place will advance money, as needed, for special needs such medications, clothing etc.
  • All bedrooms professionally decorated
  • Assessing, monitoring and satisfying individual physical and emotional needs

And live entertainment

Our caregivers are here to serve our guests and...

  • To listen, and to be supportive
  • To be aware of our guests whereabouts
  • To allay paranoia and other fears
  • To coax into group activities
  • To be aware of individual  needs
  • To hug and be hugged
  • To maintain a guest's dignity regarding
    any incontinency problems

Because we believe quality care starts with the staff, our care-givers are trained to treat each resident with compassion, dignity, and respect. They respond to an individual's needs and desires, and encourage friendships and bonding.

More Services That Set Us Apart

  • Four full time care-givers providing 24 hour nurturing care and supervision to our six residents.
  • Extensive staff training in both the emotional and physical needs of our residents.
  • Assistance with bathing and personal hygiene daily.
  • Focus on activities for both mind and body.
  • Motion sensors in every bedroom to protect the residents from accidents resulting from night time wandering.
  • Documentation of each resident's daily activities including any changes in mood swings, eating habits, sleeping, and elimination practices.
  • Plenty of individual attention and interaction with our caregivers.
  • Bi-monthly visits by our geriatrician and podiatrist.

Enhancing the Lives of our Guests
Activities Tailored to Individual Needs

Cable TV
     Premium service from
     Discovery to HBO

Afternoon Tea Parties
     The perfect time for

     The top musicals of our
     time and other lite fare

Playing Bingo is Fun.
But winning is Better!

Books on Tape
     Over a hundred titles of mystery and romance

Sing Along
     Bring back old tunes and happy memories
     with visiting minstrels, sing along videos,
     karaoke and Mom's Place large print music books.

Favorite Meal Planning
     Weekly meals planned around each guest's favorite dish

Workin' out!

Daily Exercise
     Morning exercise and individual
     walks around the neighborhood

Card Playing
     For cognitive therapy and

Weekly Junk Food Meals
     Hamburgers, Fried Chicken,

Arts & Crafts
Paints, clay, crayons and more. Projects individually
    suited to create a sense of accomplishment

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