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How many levels of care do you have and how are they categorized?

    Ambulatory, Non Ambulatory, Dementia, Hospice and Incontinent care.

Aside from the monthly fee, are there any additional costs involved?

    There is a surcharge for incontinent supplies of $200.00/ month which covers everything including diapers, tuckable under pads, creams, lotions, and ointments.

What does the monthly payment include?

    Comprehensive care including daily bathing, grooming, linen service, transferring, toileting, laundry, house cleaning, meals, snacks, and activities. We assist with, order and fully monitor all medications. It also includes supervised field trips for those who are able and motivated.

What is the ratio of care-givers to residents?

    We maintain a ratio of one care-giver for every two residents seven days a week.

Is transportation included?

    Yes, for local doctors, dentists, and group excursions to parks and malls.

How do you handle end-of-life issues? Do you allow Hospice services?

    We are fully licensed by the state for hospice care. Our company policy is that if one of our residents becomes terminally ill, he or she can remain here with their friends and caregivers. Along with the responsible relative, we evaluate and coordinate plans of care by a team of professionals, including a medical director, the patient's attending physician, nurses, social workers, counselors, clergy, and our care-givers. We do not accept people who are already in the hospice program. We believe that moving a person already in the hospice program is counter productive to their quality of life.

What are your limitations regarding the needs of the resident?

    Our limitations are defined by Title 22, State of California, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly.
    1. Resident has active communicable tuberculosis.
    2. Resident requires 24-hour, skilled nursing or intermediate care.
    3. Resident is bedridden, other than for a temporary illness or for recovery from surgery.
    4. Residents aggressive and/or combative behavior that would put other residents and/or our care-givers at risk for injury.

Do you allow wheelchairs?


Do you allow oxygen?

    Yes if the resident is able to self administer it.

Do you take residents with incontinence problems?


Do you take residents with a pet?

    On a case by case basis.

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