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Why Mom's Place...

In our thirty-eight years of marriage, Mom has always been there for us. Through triumph and tragedies, births and deaths, and the highs and lows of everyday living, Mom has been there for us with her life's lessons and experiences. Mom gave us emotional and financial backing when we needed it.

As the years went by Mom has lost the comfort and companionship of two husbands and a sister. She can no longer drive or dance all night, yet craves the social connections it afforded her.

So it came to pass that Mom needed medicine and bathing assistance. The choice was bringing in a full time caregivers, or moving to an assisted care residential home. In the final analysis, we realized the importance of socialization, being with people of the same generation, sharing stories and memories, doing activities geared to her age group, and being stimulated by the group setting of a residential board and care.

Being new to this situation, we went out looking for a house that met our criteria. It had to clean, safe, well kept, a decent neighborhood, with an attentive staff, and with mid to high functioning residents for Mom to interact with. After two weeks of looking, we found a place which met our needs. At first everything seemed fine. All that we sought for Mom was there, but Mom wasn't happy. We felt a few more months she would "adjust". The adjustment turned out to be resignation not happiness. After a while we realized our mistake. It was our criteria, not Mom's. With this new insight, we have created a place that meets our needs for Mom's safety and care. Our creation of Mom's Place meets Mom's wants and desires for a fuller and richer life.

Here's to you Mom. This place is for you.

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